Natural Ways to Improve Your Immune Health

Natural Ways to Improve Your Immune Health

Natural Ways to Improve Your Immune HealthThis year has prompted many of us to reevaluate how well we are taking care of our bodies. As the pandemic carries on, it's of great importance that your immune system is ready to fight successfully. Fortunately, there are some simple measures you can take to naturally enhance your body's defense mechanisms. Here's a look at six natural ways to boost your immune health.

Healthy Fats

To reduce inflammation, you'll want to make sure you're regularly consuming monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Olive oil is one delicious product that can help to decrease inflammation and increase immune health. Avocados can also help in this way.

Proper Hydration

By staying sufficiently hydrated, your body will be in overall better health, making you less prone to complications from illness. In a hot desert climate, it's especially important to be mindful of this. Each day, you should aim to drink between one-half and one ounce of water per pound you weigh.

Decrease Stress

For optimal immune health, you'll want to minimize stress, which can cause inflammation. Common ways to reduce stress in your day-to-day life include: yoga, meditation, and going to a counselor. But in some cases, it eventually becomes obvious that you need to make larger-scale changes, such as finding a new job or moving to a different area.

Moderate Exercise

For optimal immune system health, you should aim for moderate exercise, such as light jogging. Studies suggest that extreme levels of exercise can actually hurt your immune system.

Limit Added Sugar Intake

Obesity and type-2 diabetes, which are associated with heavy consumption of added sugars, can be detrimental to immune health.

Don't Fully Rely on Supplements

While some common vitamin supplements can help reduce the duration of illness, you'll want to keep in mind that for optimal immune health, you really need to focus on diet, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle choices.

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Posted: December 23, 2020