Back Pain: A Quick Look at 5 Common Sources

Back Pain: A Quick Look at 5 Common Sources

Back Pain: A Quick Look at 5 Common SourcesPersistent back pain is not only uncomfortable, it can make it very challenging to go about your day-to-day routine. If you have enduring back pain, you may be concerned that surgery will be necessary. However, there are non-surgical options that are worth exploring as a means to alleviate your back pain. At Arizona Desert Medical, our local non-surgical pain clinic offers treatment options for addressing back pain and discomfort. By going a non-surgical route, you can avoid the risk of potentially dangerous surgical complications. Of course, sometimes surgery is the best option, but at our Chandler, AZ pain clinic, we'll assess your situation and discuss non-surgical treatment possibilities. Here's a look at some of the most common causes of back pain.


The human body is constantly absorbing and replacing bone tissue. With osteoporosis, bone isn't being generated at the same rate that it is being lost. Consequently, bones become particularly fragile and are more prone to fracturing, which can cause serious pain.


Lower back pain is most commonly caused by arthritis. Osteoarthritis of the spine is a major cause of back pain in older people. With this condition, there is significant inflammation of the spinal facet joints.

Muscle Strain

Lower back muscles support the weight of your upper body. For this reason, they often become strained when people engage in certain movements, such as twisting and bending. You can reduce your risk of a strained back muscle by lifting with your knees instead of your back.


Scoliosis, which is a sideways spinal curvature, typically occurs during adolescent growth spurts. But it's possible that the pain won't actually be felt until decades down the road.

Bulging Discs

Discs act as cushioning between your vertebrae. When a disc starts bulging, a lot of pressure can be put on a nerve. Consequently, there's a lot of pain. Bulging discs are often caused by poor posture, heavy lifting, and auto accidents.

Non-Surgical Pain Relief in Chandler, AZ

If you're interested in non-surgical pain relief in Chandler and the surrounding area, contact Arizona Desert Medical at (480) 690-1126. We provide expertise with treating back pain in Chandler, AZ. Feel free to give us a call today to ask any questions that you have about our pain relief services!

Posted: June 2022

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